Essential Oil Cones

Essential oil cones are infused with the oil properties that enhance the outcome of the session.

Essential Oil Cone Sessions are $55


Each cone is handmade from 100% un-bleached cotton, 100% beeswax and herbs as essential oils, extracts and essences.

Respiratory Refresher
These herbs have decongestant, antibiotic, and balancing properties. A wonderful respiratory system cleanser.
Ingredients: Mullein Flower, Spearmint, Rosemary, Cedar, Goldenseal, Echinacea

Native Blend
Especially soothing for the ear canal. Anti-inflammatory. Traditional remedy. Ingredients: Mullein Flower, St. John’s Wort, Chamomile

Easter Lily
Opening of the inward path-the first guidepost on the journey. The union of opposites cancels the limitations imposed by the one pointed ideal because two things thought to be incompatible are brought together. The reconciliation of opposites creates a vessel into which the impulse of the divine can incarnate. Purity and sexuality meld.


On the third guidepost on the spiritual path we must gain control of our personal space so that nothing can penetrate or escape without our permission. The lesson here is learning how to overcome addictive patterns that draw us continually from being centered.

Cat’s Ears

The secret to the unfolding of spiritual vision is learning to grab hold and let go in the right proportion. One who turns away from the world to listen to the voice of a higher world. The stage of unfolding of mystical faculties. There is a threshold between this world and the next, between the worldly mind and the imagination. The herb which has a special awareness of that crossing point is Cat’s Ears. Dwelling in gray, as in dusk between day and night. Cat’s Ears concentrates on development of inner awareness by adhering closely to the whispering of the sound current, the voice of the divine presence in the inner world.

Osha Root

Favorite Native American remedy for respiratory system. Especially effective for moving long standing mucous deposits. Powerful dispeller of negativity.

Made with Rose Absolute, the traditional symbol of love. It opens the heart chakra with an uplifting and stimulating effect. It relieves depression, nervous tension, sadness, and emotional shock.
Yerba Santa
In this state the divine impulse spreads throughout our entire system removing physical heaviness and bringing health to every part of ourselves. We know what is called for but cannot carry out the impulse. It’s about learning to survive in the inner world. Yerba Santa will clear psychic toxins out of the room.
This stage of spiritual life begins as a journey that requires little but ends by requiring everything that we hold dear. Works for people stuck in unwinnable situations. This includes healing of deep-seated, self-destructive repetitive behavioral patterns that begin as far back as childhood. Mother Nature’s promise that during unnatural destruction life will spring up anew. Creates: Alienation between thinking and feeling, desire and attunement, life-giving imagination, and the rational mind.
Black Cohosh

One of the great ironies of spiritual life is that we must let go of everything we want but grab hold of everything we fear. Only in this way can all parts of us be exposed to the cleansing action of the divine.
Create:  Harmony comes and allows the release of burden and confusion.

Lady’s Slipper

Spiritual completion. We feel inwardly clear about who we are and where we are going. When a student reaches this stage on the medicine path, he receives the sense of an “inner medical license.” This comes only from inner awareness. Society does not value the dreams of the dreamer. Inner authority comes up against the wall of money.
Create: Re-establishment to our root.

Meet Our Practitioner

Jodie Wilson of Coning Care

Jodie Wilson

Holistic Practitioner

After a number of life-changing events in 2017, Jodie left the urban sprawl and her corporate job for the sacred Red Rocks of Sedona. Jodie had yet another life-changing opportunity to help open and manage a Tachyon center.

Jodie has been studying and working with Tachyon energy since 2017. With her intuition and healing demeanor, she supports her clients in understanding and experiencing zero-point energy and achieving what is referred to as The Calm.

Jodie has created a unique healing experience combining ear coning, Tachyon energy, and the healing energy of crystals with her Crystal Chakra Mat. All in a serene setting. Ear Coning is 100% relaxing and healing.

  • Tachyon Energy
  • Ear Coning
  • Holistic Wellness
I met Jodie through a friend. I had never had coning done I knew very little about it. But I was struck by Jodi’s calm light easy-going manner. I had recently lost a dear family member and was experiencing a lot of grief which showed up as inability to deeply rest, stress and general adrenal burnout. My friend Suggested that I give coning a try So I booked an appointment. Jodie worked with my schedule and soon I was at her studio to find out more and try a session. She explained the process clearly – I could tell she had an authentic passion about the work – There wasn’t any sales pitch going on. Once we chose the particular candle I would be using I got onto her table and lay down on her amazing heated crystal chakra mat. She made me quite comfortable with pillows and blanket and then put the tachyon rods in my hand. As soon as that happened I felt a shift inward. I relaxed o to the session and went into a deep meditation rest phase which I needed! I can say that after the session I am much more calm, relaxed and seem less worried about the direction of my life. I am grateful I said yes to this work and invite you to try it.”

Jodie has a sweet nurturing energy which will beautifully support you through your experience of releasing. The crystal mat was warm and yummy and it was fun to look into the candles afterward to see what had come out of my ears! Today I’m releasing metals from my mouth 24 hours after my session. I don’t know if it’s related but I thought it was worth mentioning. Be sure to hydrate post session!”

3 months ago

“Absolutely the best ear coning experience I have ever had! Jodie’s special place is so inviting and relaxing. I have never experienced tachyon energy before and it was so calming and centering! I highly recommend Jodie, it will definitely be an experience you will love and come out feeling refreshed!”

3 months ago

Wow! What a magical combination of healing modalities to be experienced simultaneoulsy at Coing Care with Tachyon! Between the conig itself, the crystal chakra mat, tachyon…and all in a beautiful outdoor setting…I was lulled into such a state of meditative bliss. A state that lingered far beyond my treatment. This is a ‘must do’ experience while in Sedona.”

3 months ago

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The 40-minute session for Essential Oil cones is $55.00 and for Gem Cones is $65.00.  You will choose the cone you would like to use in the session.



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